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Event Date Event Name   Event Venue Type WC CC NC IC Course Entries App      
1-Sep-2024 The Cape Town Freeze South Africa Cape Town, South Africa IISA Event       AF     Pool SOON 3 view    
16-Dec-2023 The Big Freeze 2 South Africa Durban South Africa IISA Event             OW Closed 1 view    
4-Feb-2023 Green Heart Ice Swim 2023 Netherlands Bodegraven-Reeuwijk IISA Event             OW SOON 0 view    
17-Dec-2022 Amstel Ice Swim Netherlands Amsterdam IISA Event           Pool Closed 0 view    
10-Dec-2022 IISA GB Championships 2022 Great Britain Welton Waters Adventu.. IISA Event       Great Britain   OW Closed 77 view    
27-Aug-2022 Durban Ice Swim South Africa Durban, South Africa IISA Event         Pool Closed 1 view  
19-Aug-2022 Matroosberg Ice Swim South Africa Matroosberg Nature Re.. IISA Event             OW Published 10 view  
16-Jul-2022 Aotearoa NZ Ice National C.. New Zealand Alexandra Outdoor Poo.. IISA Event     New Zealand   Pool Published 22 view  
4-May-2022 Svalbard Arctic Ice Swimmi.. The Arctic Longyearbyen, Svalbard IISA Event             OW Published 14 view  
2-Apr-2022 Kyrö Ice Swimming Challen.. Finland Ollilantie 12, 21800 .. IISA Event           Pool Published 13 view  
5-Mar-2022 Hallstättersee Ice Swimming Austria Obertraun IISA Event           Pool Published 29 view  
18-Feb-2022 Woerthersee-Swim Ice Austria Austria 9201 Krumpendorf IISA Event           OW Published 17 view  
12-Feb-2022 Amstel Ice Swim Netherlands CANCELLED IISA Event       Netherlands   OW Closed 9 view    
12-Feb-2022 IISA GB Championships Great Britain CANCELLED IISA Event         Great Britain   Pool Closed 0 view    
12-Feb-2022 Limerick Narwhals Ireland Cancelled IISA Event           OW Closed 0 view    
3-Feb-2022 IISA 4th World Championship Poland Glogow, Poland IISA Event EU   Pool Closed 296 view    
28-Jan-2022 French Championships / Can.. France canceled IISA Event         France   OW Closed 7 view    
22-Jan-2022 Kyrö Ice Swimming Challen.. Finland Ollilantie 12, 21800 .. IISA Event           Pool Published 9 view  
22-Jan-2022 Ice Swim In Morocco 5th Ed.. Morocco Aguelmam Azegza Lake .. IISA Event     Morocco   OW Published 46 view  
16-Jan-2022 Kyrön kylmä kilometri Finland Ollilantie 12, 21800 .. IISA Event           Pool Published 1 view  


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