IISA Committees

A Committee is an advisory working team focused on areas defined in its mandate and directed by the board. A Committee will meet four times a year and ad hoc as its Chair calls. Committee Chair will report directly to IISA Chair. The Committee can bring any topic within its mandate for discussion and proposed action and take it to IISA Board for discussion and approval. IISA Board may ask the Committees to investigate a specific topic and bring it to the board for discussion. Each Committee will comprise a minimum of three members. Diversity of skills, gender and domiciliate is an important criterion. A committee member is there to contribute and add value to the Committee. Attendance and participation are encouraged. One of the members is the committee Chair. Most Committees will have one or two IISA Board members as liaisons to ensure alignment between the board direction and strategy and the Committee work.  IISA Board has the right to amend, reject or approve the proposal from the Committee. A Committee Chair has the right to call for a committee member to be disciplined or removed with IISA Board approval. IISA will review the Committee members and Chair bi-annually. IISA is growing rapidly, and its resources and funding are limited. We may make mistakes, and we may stumble upon unexpected issues. As always, we will do our best to listen, learn, adjust and proceed.


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