ICE 7s – Explained

What 'ICE 7s' is all about

The Ice Sevens is a challenge created by WOWSA in the same fashion it created the massive Ocean swims challenge - the Ocean Sevens.
To read about the challenge see: ICE SEVENS
The Challenge is simple:
Complete an Ice Mile, ratified by IISA in each of the Seven continents on earth. The Mile can be in inland water-mass or at its shores, whatever freezes you better.
Since some of us are closer to the North Pole than the South Pole - we allowed for an Arctic Swim at 70 North or further North to be the equivalent of of a 60 South or further South Antarctic mile.
And the ICING on the cake is: One of the Seven Ice Miles must be an ICE ZERO mile (water temp sub 1C)

As a reminder:
Water temp must be 5C or below on each of the three thermometers required.
A video clip of entry into the water, part of the swim, and teh finish - is now mandatory
An valid ECG must be uploaded in each swimmer BIO
A valid medical insurance
A valid Medical Check [which includes an ECG]
Notification to IISA of an Extreme Ice Mile is required
IISA will present the ICE Sevens table on its Website, in due course.
GOOD LUCK to all and BE SAFE.

The 7 continents are:

  • Africa
  • Asia (Including Russia)(i
  • Europe (Excluding Russia)
  • North America
  • Oceania
  • Polar (South of 60S or North of 70N)
  • South America

Ice Sevens


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