Apr 2023

IISA Restructure

IISA restructuring towards growth


Following a big and successful World Championship in early 2023 and the rapid growth in our­ sport IISA has embarked on a restructuring of its operating model to allow us to deal with its growth and allow for...

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Feb 2023

The new Ice Triple Crown is here.

The Ice Triple Crown :  Ice Triple Crown List

Not as simple as it sounds. What is required to achieve the title ICE TRIPLE CROWN?

To date - date of launching the new title, we have only 12 swimmers who achieved...

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Mar 2022


Invasion of Ukraine

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Nov 2021

Ice 7s is growing

Well done to Kate Steels the 3rd Ice 7s swimmer and the first GB Ice 7s Swimmer.

Well done to Kate Steels from Great Britain who has just got her Ice 7s, 7th Ice Mile approved by IISA.

To complete IISA Ice 7s one has to swim an Ice Mile in every frozen continent or sea...

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Oct 2021

Come a see IISA new website with plenty go new features

IISA Website

The Website has gone through many changes and revisions. Some are not visible but add a significant ease of use, and some are very visible. We implemented all the IISA Rules amendments in the past three years into...

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Feb 2021

Ice Swimmers coming

Ice Swimming 2021

The current prolonged pandemic has been rather unpleasant. It continues to cage us and test our mettle.

Many have lost family and friends and for those we take a quiet moment of silence remembering how lucky we are to be...

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Dec 2020

IISA Polars are defined as below 60S or above 70N

IISA Polar Ice Swims


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Jul 2020

Well done to new ice milers from Australia

Well done to Michael Pranckl  from down under Australia. 

The two have just become the lastest members of the elite frozen mad club of Ice Milers.

The feat was overseen by Wyatt...

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