Jul 2020

Well done to new ice milers from Australia

Well done to Michael Pranckl  from down under Australia. 

The two have just become the lastest members of the elite frozen mad club of Ice Milers.

The feat was overseen by Wyatt...

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Mar 2020

Well done and welcome back to the recent Antarctica ice swimmers

A group of 14 swimmers led by Ger Kennedy has embarked on another Ice Swimming adventure in Antarctica.

The group has completed swims from 100m to an Ice Mile.

IISA records all swims, however, to qualify as an adventure swim it...

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Feb 2020

The Frozen World Cup results

IISA World Cup Series 2020 - Results


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Feb 2020

Ice Miler 2020

Well done to the 2020 IISA Ice Milers

Congratulations to the following swimmers: Hamza Bakircioglu, Ozlen Luznar, James Loreto, Nick Hungerford, Gerda Holla, Sarah Anne Richter, Claudia Müller, Peter Plavec, Lars Mack, Ulf Karnikowski, Mirka Novotná, Aldona Skowrońska, Ailén Lascano Micaz and Enzo Favoino - who have...

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Oct 2019

The first Chilean woman to complete an Ice Mile

Well done Bárbara Hernández from Chile on her first Ice Mile in the mountains of her home country Chile. 

Barbara swam in the scenic lake Inca lagoon, Portillo at an altitude of 2880m in water temperatures of 3.9c.

Her swim took...

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Oct 2019

Well Done GER

Ger Kennedy from Ireland to become the first man to complete the ICE 7s challenge. 

The ICE 7s requires a successful Ice Mile in each continent.

At least one Ice Mile must be in the Polar region which is defined...

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Sep 2019

Kate Steels completed her 6th to of the 7s Ice Mile

Well done to Kate Steels from IISA GB on your 8th Ice Mile and the 6th of the ICE 7s.

Kate swum in the mountains of New Zealand in order to find ice waters in the Oceana Continent.

Kate last...

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Jun 2019

Two new Ice Milers from Australia

Welcome and well done to Tara Diversi from Westcourt Australia and Benjamin Freeman from Canberra Australia.

You are Ice Milers. The sport is taking off in Australia after accrediting a school of officials and the attraction of the...

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