Ice Mile Payment

Payments for Ice Miles and Ordering of a Red Jacket

Once your Ice Mile has been submitted to IISA and payment has been received, IISA will inspect the application and approve it.

Once approved, your Ice Mile will be officially recognized and added to the IISA global record book and your IISA BIO.

A High Resolution Digital certificate will be added to your record which will allow you to print and display at your will.

You have earned it!

If this is your first Ice Mile, once approved, you will be upgraded to Ice Membership and join the elite ranks of Ice Milers around the world. This will allow you to purchase the IISA Red Jacket, only viable for Ice Miler.

Please use PayPal to pay for your Ice Mile.
PayPal address is :     All prices in EUR

  1. First Ice Mile :     150.00
  2. Repeat Ice Mile : 100.00
  3. IISA Jacket : see ICE Shop

Thank you


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