Before an ICE MILE


Download here: Ice mile checklist

  1. An Ice Mile (“Ice Mile”) is an Ice Swim completed in water with a temperature of 5.0C or less, swum wholly in accordance with IISA Rules and Regulations.
  2. The Swim distance must be at least 1 (one) British mile or 1,609.3 (one thousand six hundred and nine point three)


  1. Read IISA rules
    1. Rules-and-Regulations.pdf
  2. Make sure you have qualified:
  3. Have your medical check and ECG
    1. Assessment-Form.pdf
  4. Please make sure you are fully prepared for what you are about to attempt.
    1. Seek knowledge from other Ice Milers
    2. Notify your Country Chair and seek advice if required.
  5. Make sure there is a Medical Officer at the site and an evacuation plan to the nearest Medical Centre.
  6. Brief the Medical Officer with your medical history and present your IISA Medical Form and ECG.
  7. Brief your Observer and Water Safety personal with your swim, expectations, stroke, breathing direction, signals to check you’re ok or in distress.
  8. Go through the recovery plan and premature exit if required. Have all protocols in place before you enter the water.
  9. Measure the course from the start point to end If you are in open water, use GPS coordinates to make sure distances are accurate. MAKE SURE the
  10. Prepare your support team and medical support for the
  11. Take pictures of:
    1. The course
    2. The three thermometers readings (5c or lower)
    3. Time and date
    4. Entry to water, exit from Water
    5. Location
    6. Recovery area
    7. Team
  12. Make sure someone is taking a 30-second video of:
    1. Entry to water - start
    2. Mid swim
    3. Exit the water – finish
  13. Make sure you have an IISA observer and a witness
  14. Take wind speed and air temperature (you can use local weather website for info)
  15. Make sure the observer takes to start and ends time
  16. Make sure you have water safety covered
  17. Make sure you have medical support and emergency evacuation plan


  1. Make sure you have all the required info about the See above.
  2. Make payment to IISA
  3. Go to IISA website and apply for your Ice Mile to be ratified:
  4. Load your 3 video clips, as required above, to YouTube and copy the URLs to the application
  5. If you swam longer than a mile, enter the exact distance, as long as it has a start and end Walking into the water and out the water – doesn’t count.
  6. Complete your Ice Mile application and submit it
  7. Once it has been approved by your observer and witness, it will go to IISA for
  8. Once approved by IISA – you are an Ice Miler.
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