IISA Restructure

Apr 2023

IISA restructuring towards growth

IISA Admin, 4 April 2023


Following a big and successful World Championship in early 2023 and the rapid growth in our­ sport IISA has embarked on a restructuring of its operating model to allow us to deal with its growth and allow for more people to get involved and contribute to our sport.

IISA covers various activities from Ice Mile and its derivative challenges to Competitions and events. IISA is not chasing any sports association or its business model. It certainly involves learning and following some established experiences but the most important part of the IISA sport model is its swimmers, their safety, and their passion for the ICE. We endeavour to maintain this forever.

Some IISA Board members have stepped down to join some of the newly formed working committees and to allow new ones to join us in time. I want to take this opportunity to thank the board members that have been with us for a long road and helped us with their experience and their wisdom. They are all still involved with IISA and will continue to contribute to the various areas of IISA. Thank you, Christof and Henri, who will join, IISA Swimming Committee, Padraig who will join the Ice Mile Committee and Jaimie for their support and passion.

The current IISA Board members are Ram Barkai [SA, Chair/President], Petar Stoychev [Bulgaria, Vice President], Jonty Warneken [UK, Vice President], Richard Broer [Netherlands, Director] and Kate Steels [UK, Secretary].

IISA has also launched its Country Chairs / President Forum. It’s a start. The Forum will meet twice yearly to share experiences and information and discuss Ice Swimming-related issues.

IISA is aware that the L2 course and exams have been promised, however, it may take a little longer than we anticipated due to other work and priorities. It will come soon.


A Committee is a working group focused on areas defined in its mandate and directed by the board. A

A Committee will meet regularly as required or ad hoc as called by its Chair. Committee Chair will report directly to IISA Chair.

The Committee can bring any topic within its mandate for discussion and proposed action and take it to IISA Board for discussion and approval. IISA Board may ask the Committees to investigate a certain topic and bring it to the board for discussion.

Each Committee will comprise of minimum 3 members. Diversity of skills, gender and domiciliate is encouraged. One of the members will be designated as the committee Chair.

IISA is requesting expressions of interest from its members to take part in IISA's newly formed committees.

The expression of interest will be in a form circulated by IISA. IISA will discuss the expression of interest, assign them to committees and elect the chair. IISA may approach some of its members to take part in the various committees.

IISA Board has the right to amend, reject or approve the proposal from the Committee. A Committee Chair has the right to call for a committee member to be disciplined or removed with IISA Board approval. Committee members and Chair will be reviewed bi-annually.

IISA is growing rapidly and its resources and funding are limited. We may make mistakes and we may stumble upon unexpected issues. As always, we will do our best to listen learn, adjust and proceed.


  1. SAFETY Safety & Medical, Doping, research
  2. SWIMMING Races, Swimming rules
  3. ATHLETES Current Swimmers
  4. EDUCATION Courses, conferences
  5. INTEGRITY Legal and Ethics
  6. ICE MILE Ice Mile & Distance Swimming


Oversee Safety and safety rules, Medical research, and accreditation of doctors and Medics.

The Committee Chair must be a qualified medical Doctor with intensive experience in Trauma, hypothermia, and Ice Swimming.

The Committee's main areas of focus:

  • Any rules within the IISA Swimming and Regulations Rules that are there for safety reasons.
  • Role and qualifications of the Medical Officer in IISA events, Qualifying swims or Ice Miles.
  • Education and accreditation of Medical Officers for Ice Swimming purposes.
  • IISA Medicals, ECG and other required medicals for IISA Ice Swimming
  • Initiate research in Ice Swimming and cold water immersion relevant to IISA and Ice Swimming.
  • Drive a mindset of safety and respect for the ICE within the Ice Swimming Community.
  • Initiate Ice Swimming safety courses for Medical officers and Observers.


Oversee Ice Swimming Competitions and Events from swimming rules to swimming locations, qualifying, technical issues, results, records and awards.

The Committee’s main areas of focus:

  • Swimming Rules, pool, Open water or any water mass
  • Swimming Attire allowed technique, start, swim, turn, finish
  • Qualifying swims and qualifying criteria for IISA Events
  • Oversee rules for all swimming categories: Open, Para, Age Group
  • Pool or course structure and certifications
  • Referees' training and accreditations
  • Competition records, appeals, awards, disqualifications
  • Alignment with FINA/WA competition rules changes within IISA Safety parameters
  • Work together with Safety Committee concerning Safety requirements and impact on the rules.
  • Approval of role players in Competitions from Event Organisers, Referees, Timekeepers, and more…


Represent the currently active Ice Swimmers and communicate it to IISA.

The Committee's main areas of focus:

  • Swimmers' Feedback and experiences
  • Suggesting changes to competition and rules to Competition Committee
  • Suggesting research subjects, gathering the subjects of research


Education, and accreditation of Ice Swimmers, Communities and other role players in IISA Activities. 

The Committee's main areas of focus:

  • Ice Swimming training programs, tips and advice
  • Promote Ice Swimming camps, training, and clubs
  • Coaching / Coaches programs and accreditations
  • Courses, Conferences and any Levels of accreditations


Oversee all legal and ethical issues in IISA.

The Committee's main areas of focus:

  • Wada – relationship, updates and regular monitoring
  • Any ethical issues and code of conduct in IISA Events, Competition and more
  • Legal and Compliance issues
  • Data Privacy
  • Records Appeals and approvals


Oversee Ice Mile and its derivatives swims

The Committee's main areas of focus:

  • Ice Mile rules with alignment with Swimming Committee
  • Ice Mile derivative products
  • Other none Competition Ice Swim challenges

Expression of interest in IISA NEW Working Committees 

please fill in this form and email it to: internationaliceswimming@gmail.com



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