Feb 2023

The new Ice Triple Crown is here.

IISA Admin, 21 February 2023

The Ice Triple Crown :  Ice Triple Crown List

Not as simple as it sounds. What is required to achieve the title ICE TRIPLE CROWN?

To date - date of launching the new title, we have only 12 swimmers who achieved this title. But many more are just one crown behind.

What is the Ice Triple Crown? You need to have done three Ice Swims:

  1. Southern Ice Mile - Africa, Oceania, Polar Antarctica, South America
  2. Northern Ice Mile - Asia, Europe, North America, Polar North
  3. ICE KM                   - in IISA World Championship or a National Championship in a pool <= 5.0C

Time to pack this bag and head North? or South? when the ICe is ready. 

Well done to those who have completed the 3Crown challenge, who is next???



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