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Feb 2021

Ice Swimming 2021

IISA Admin, 4 February 2021

The current prolonged pandemic has been rather unpleasant. It continues to cage us and test our mettle.

Many have lost family and friends and for those we take a quiet moment of silence remembering how lucky we are to be around safe  and raring to get back into the frozen icy waters. 

Some countries has limited or no access to any form of swimming. I hope you are well, safe and keeping fit. 

There is no doubt in my mind that we will get back to swimming all around the world and I only hope it will be sooner than later. 

In the meantime, some lucky ones around the world who manage to train and find a nearby place to swim in the ice - we are extremely jealous and we want to welcome you to our family of mad frozen ice swimmers.

I included Dec 2020 as the ice season started around the world. 

Dec 2020 was dominated by American and Canadian Ice swimmers. January was grabbed by the ICE HORNS by the Irish  Ice swimmers from Limerick.

We also saw swimmers from Poland, Ukraine, Morocco, Switzerland, and Germany. 

Few mentions in general (however, you are all Frozen Champions) 

  1. Cath Pendleton (IISA GB) received a GWR  award for her Antarctica swim - most southerly Ice Swim (female) Ice Zero,  below the Antarctic Circle. 
  2. Kinga Korin (IISA Poland) received a  GWR award for her Svalbard swim - Most northerly Ice Swim (female)
  3. Claire Ryan (IISA IRE) who completed her 7 ice mile by swimming 2km breaststroke.
  4. Mark Dempsey (IISA IRE) who completed his 2 ice mile and encouraged another 10 mad Limerick ice milers.
  5. Hassan Baraka (IISA MOR) the first Moroccan Ice Miler and our man in Morocco
  6. Ger Purcell (IISA IRE) A young 66y Limerick Ice Swimmer received a GWR award The Oldest Ice Swimmer (Male) 
  7. Paul Bieber (IISA GER) who Completed  his first Ice Mille with a 2.2km swim and to become the 400 Ice Miler in the world.

Welcome and well done to our 2021 Ice Swimmers.

Keep swimming, if you can, when you can. Keep it safe and think about those who cant swim while you are breaking the ICE.

Be Safe

and See you in the ICE - SOON!



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