Welcome to the new frozen ones from down under

Jun 2019

Two new Ice Milers from Australia

IISA Admin, 6 June 2019

Welcome and well done to Tara Diversi from Westcourt Australia and Benjamin Freeman from Canberra Australia.

You are Ice Milers. The sport is taking off in Australia after accrediting a school of officials and the attraction of the ICE 7s Mile that draws attention to Oceana. Ice, like Africa, is not found normally even in the middle off winter. One has to travel far and high to remote and cold mountains that hold some water mass at a sub 5C temperatures. However, If there is a will, there is ICE.

Thanks to Wyatt Song who came with us to Antarctica for a wee swim and now pushing the sport down under with a group of newly born frozen ones. 

This is just the start. 

well done again

See you in the ICE

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