Antarctica 2020 Swim

Mar 2020

Well done and welcome back to the recent Antarctica ice swimmers

IISA Admin, 6 March 2020

A group of 14 swimmers led by Ger Kennedy has embarked on another Ice Swimming adventure in Antarctica.

The group has completed swims from 100m to an Ice Mile.

IISA records all swims, however, to qualify as an adventure swim it must be a swim of at least 1000m according to IISA Rules.

Swimmer Country Gender Distance m Swim Time
Cath Pendleton UK Female 1610 32:54
Paul Eugen Dorin Georgescu Romania Male 1610 22:44
Ger Kennedy Ireland Male 1610 34:02
Kathryn Pratschke Ireland Female 1000 24:40
REDY REDFERN Great Britain Male 1000 24:50
Dee Newell Ireland Female 1000 22:20
Jane Hardy Great Britain Female 1000 23:60
Tiffiny Quinn Ireland Female 500 8:21
Michelle White Ireland Female 250 5:00
Una Campbell Ireland Female 200 4:00
Martina Ring Ireland Female 200 3:06
Anne O'Donovan Ireland Female 200 3:50
Juan Matias Ola Argentina Male 200 3:30
Alice Kelliher Ireland Female 100 3:30

Cath Pendleton (UK) and Paul Eugen Dorin Georgescu (Romania) are the first ice swimmers to swim below the Antarctic circle. They swam in Hanusse Bay in latitude of 66:56 South. The Antarctic Circle officially starts at 66:33 South. 

Ger Kennedy (IRE) swam his 13 ice mile little further north if Paradise Harbour, which had several ice swimmers in its water already.

Well done to Kathryn Pratschke (IRE), Dee Newell (IRE), Redy Redfern (UK) and Jane Hardy (UK) on their ICE KM in Antarctica. Also well done to the other brave hearts who swam from 500m to 100m braving the Icy waters. 

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