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Nov 2016

ICE 7s in now live on IISA website

IISA Admin, 30 November 2016

ICE 7s in now live on IISA website under RECORDS menu

It has required some work but we finally deforested to announce that the ICE 7s is now live on the IISA website.

After some deliberation we have decided to include Russia as a country in the ASIA continent. It was simply done to simplify the automation of the records table and location of ICE Miles. We see Russia becoming an ICE Mile superpower in the next few years. Tyumen and Murmansk are strongly featured in the ICE history.

From now on every ICE Mile application will require input of the continent the mile took place. It is the Observer responsibility to make sure all info is correct.

The record table is still mostly empty with most Miles are done in Europe.

One of the main reason for the ICE 7s was to introduce a global challenge and encourage ICE Milers to travel and break the ICE all over the world. Not only in their frozen backyards. 

In addition…

We believe credit is always need mention when it deserved:

We would like to acknowledge Ger Kennedy (recently seen on fire and happily married) and Steve Munatones who although never swam in the ICE, he spent few weeks literally frozen in a Cryogenic Chamber (not by choice) and came back to us. Both cooked the ICE 7s idea.

We would also like to thanks Henri Kaarma the ICE Machine for his analytical contribution to the ICE CUP and to christof wandratsch current IISA World Champ, for his ICE Cup vision. 

The ICE bring people together…and bond-freeze them for life.

BE SAFE and see you soon in the ICE 



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