North Most Ice Mile record

Jul 2017

Polish expedition ventured into Arctic waters to swim a Polar Ice Mile

IISA Admin, 8 July 2017

 A group of Polish ice swimmer, from Katowice, lead by Leszek Naziemiec Poland IISA President have accomplished an amazing feat of swimming the north most Ice Mile in Svalbard, Arctic Norway at 78.3 North, just shy of the North Pole.

The expedition, originated by the polish team joined a little red arctic yacht to venture into glacial fjord in the waters of Svalbard, by Spitsbergen Island. The team of four swimmers including IISA founder and Chair Ram Barkai swam 1 Ice Mile.

The yacht was Captained by a seasoned Arctic sailor Jerzy Rozanski and overseen by an experienced expedition Dr. Michał Starosolski.

Seven swimmers plunged into the Arctic waters:

  1. Leszek Naziemiec       1660m   -    2nd Ice Mile
  2. Lukasz Tkacz.              1852m   -    2nd Ice Mile
  3. Marek Grzywa.            1640m  -    2nd Ice Mile
  4. Ram Barkai.                 1660m   -   11th Ice Mile
  5. Kinga Korin.                 1090m
  6. Mariusz Lebioda.         550m
  7. Artur Kubica.                200m

Well done to all 

Keep it SAFE and See you in the ICE


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