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Swim Information
Swim Date:04 Feb 2017
Swim Location:Port Erin
Swimmer Condition:Excellent
Swim Time:41:00.00
Swim Distance:2100metres
Swim Observer:Nicholas Davies
Water Temp:6.00°C
Wind Chill:1.00°C
Qualifying Statement for Qualifier:

Mentally well prepared, committed and strong. Physically complements her swim fitness by being well prepared in cold water, constantly pushing and increasing her exposure. She recovers well.
Carole swam an Ice mile in Ireland 2016, but the swim was invalidate due to temperature.

Swimmer Details
Swimmer Name:Carole Laporte
IISA Membership:ICE
Location:Isle Of Man, Isle of Man
Age / Gender:47 (Female)
Country Association:Isle of Man



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