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Swim Date:30 Jan 2016
Location:Volendam, Netherlands
Ice Swim Info
Avg Water Temp:4.97°C
  Temp Reading 1:5.00°C
  Temp Reading 2:5.00°C
  Temp Reading 3:4.90°C
Body of Water:Pool
Fresh/Salt Water:Fresh Water
Open Water Mass:Outdoor pool 50 m
GPS Location:52.50° N   5.07° E
Swim Distance:1.0000 miles
 1.61km, Pace 107s/100m
Time Taken:0:28:35
Air Temperature:8.00°C
Wind Speed:27.78 km/h
Wind Chill:2.00°C
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Swim Story
The Dutch Open Ice Swimming Championship was held in an outdoor swimmingpool cooled by ice and spraying water. Starting the swim at around lunchtime was a bit difficult as I need my food. With some respect starting the distance of 1610 m in 4,97° C warm water, I set of to a speed I could go for a long distance in summertime. The dutch guy next to me was going at a much higher speed. At about 500 m he was almost 50 m ahead, but I noticed that the distance didn´t grew anymore. So continuing with the same speed I got closer lane by lane. To my surprice my body didn´t ache as much as in Burghausen three weeks ago. I got into the klead at about 900 m keeping a steady stroke. Keeping up to the end at 1610 m wasn´t any problem.
Getting out of the water with very cold finger by using a metal ladder was very hard, but with the help of the people around I managed to get out an into the Indoor section to warm up. Warming up was the toughest part. It took about 35 min of hard shaking to get through the worst part. About 1 hour later I should have swam the 450 m but I had to skip the race as my body wasn´t ready to enter the cold water again.


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