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The IISA 1st World Championship (The Event) will be held in Murmansk, Russia, 20th March 2015. Competitors should arrive Murmansk not later than 19th March. The Event will be held in Semenovskoye’s Lake in Murmansk.

  • 19th Mar competitors arrival at Murmansk
  • 20th Mar Day - IISA 1st World Champ 1km race event
  • 20th Mar Evening - Opening Ceremony and 1km race medal awards, Murmansk City Central Square
  • 21st – 22nd Mar Russian Open Winter Swimming Championship

The Event official language will be Russian with consecutive translation to English


Entries will be open from 1st October 2015; an expression on interest can be forwarded to:
International Swimmers: |Ram Barkai @ ram.barkai.iceswimming@gmail.com
Russian Swimmers: | Alexander Brylin @ akvais-sport@mail.ru
There will be no entry fees payable for this event.
The Event allows for maximum of 40 competitors, 20 Russian and 20 international (Ex Russia) swimmers. The Event requires participants from at least 10 countries – this will be taken into consideration when accepting swimmers
The City of Murmansk will cover the cost of food and accommodation for the international swimmers

Ice Pool and Swimming

The Event will be held in a man made Ice Pool in the frozen lake. The pool will be 8 lanes x 25m
Competitors will be seeded according to time (not age group) and will race 4 swimmers per heat starting from slower to faster swimmers.
The organizers may increase or reduce the number of swimmers per heat if safety and schedule requires it
Swimmers will compete according to IISA rules and will be required to elect their stroke on entry. Front Crawl or Breast Stroke.
The 40 / 4 = 10 heats will be 5 min apart
Each heat will have a cut off time of 25min:

  • Cut off time for 50m (2 length) will be 80 seconds (01:20 min)
  • If a swimmer time for 50m is longer than 80sec he/she will receive a red flag
  • If a red flagged swimmer swims slower than 80sec per 50m again, his/her swim will be terminated immediately

If the referee have reasonable confidence that the swimmer will not finish the race in 25min or less, he has the right to pull out the swimmer


The city of Murmansk has amassed the entire city for safety purposes.
There will be 3 fully equipped medical teams headed by a qualified doctor
Each team will have its own fully equipped ambulance that will also act as an ICU unit
Recovery rooms and facilities with medical team are in place
Heated changing rooms, tents will be in place
There will be at least 3 fully equipped and ready to dive divers by the pool side
Each swimmer will be required to submit a recent medical check certificate and an ECG
Each swimmer will go through an ECG and a medical 3h prior to the swim
For further information see:
www.internationaliceswimming.com and the specific IISA Rules and IISA 1km Event Rules.


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