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Swim Information
Swim Date:01 Jan 2016
Swim Location:Keepers Pond, Blaenavon
Swimmer Condition:Excellent
Swim Time:23:16.00
Swim Distance:1055metres
Swim Observer:Viki Brice
Water Temp:4.90°C
Wind Chill:0.00°C
Qualifying Statement for Qualifier:

I observed Cath enter the water at Keepers pond, start her watch to measure, swim for over 20 minutes and exit the water unaided. She was The thermometers measure 4.8 degrees and 4.9 degrees. Her watch showed a distance of 1055m. For Cath, the recovery was excellent as always.

Swimmer Details
Swimmer Name:Cath Pendleton
IISA Membership:ICE
Location:Llanfoist, Wales
Age / Gender:51 (Female)
Country Association:Great Britain



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