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Member:Liz Ryan
Swim Date:31 Jan 2021
Location:Mill Road, Limerick, Ireland
Ice Swim Info
Avg Water Temp:4.6°C
  Temp Reading 1:4.40°C
  Temp Reading 2:4.70°C
  Temp Reading 3:4.70°C
Body of Water:River
Fresh/Salt Water:Fresh Water
Open Water Mass:River
Swim Distance:1.00 miles
 1.61km, Pace 133s/100m
Time Taken:0:35:36
Air Temperature:5.00°C
Wind Speed:20.00 km/h
Wind Chill:1.10°C
Stroke Rate 1:28/min (start of swim)
Stroke Rate 2:26/min (end of swim)
Avg Stroke Rate:27/min
Observer and Witness
Observer:Mark Dempsey
Witness:Pearse Ryan

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