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Adam Berczes
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Gender: Male
Age: 48
Ice Miles: 0
About Adam Berczes
Hi this is Adam from Hungary.

I have been friends with cold water since 1st January 2021. I realized that morning I missed the Coldwater Tribe\'s New Year\'s Eve gathering, and just recognized my rainwater tank as a perfect opportunity to plunge instead. This is how it started.
Since that I joined the tribe and I started to swim at Lake Lupa and Danube river. I am also a master swimmer, openwater, well not a master actually. So coldwater swimming seems to be the ideal sport for me.
I have been working in the music industry for two decades, after a surgery, my whole world-view has changed and I left the business.
Since that I reestablished myself as mental-hygienest helper and naturopath. So physical,mental and spiritual health is my main focus in life. I think

Coldwater is the RedPill of our Matrix 😉

Hope to meet you guys soon in person at one of the international events.


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