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Olivia Fero
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Gender: Female
Age: 39
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About Olivia Fero
Dual Hungarian and British citizen living in Hungary near the Pecsi tó.

Hampstead Heath Lido got me hooked on cold water as a teenager. I missed out on the ponds. I made friends with fresh water in 2019 when I did the Balaton Lake Crossing (5.2km) and Duna crossing (rivers are cold, and there is a current!). Now, I feel really privileged to have such a beautiful and safe stretch of water so close and lucky that the local fisherman have got used to my antics and my husband supports my efforts. Cold water swimming is not a glamorous sport, but there is nothing like it for the mind and soul.

I hope I can support other swimmers in their passion (Hungary has some exceptional swimmers!) and give people the courage to swim outside the two-month Summer season, not just for the Orfu New Year plunge. Also, I would like to help people in the outdoor swimming community discover this hidden gem of a destination.


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