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Fiona Hawkins
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Great Britain
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About Fiona Hawkins
Many years ago, in a dim and distant past, I learnt to swim in an outdoor pool located in the playground at Sharnbrook Primary School. Further lessons were taken in Singapore, Lossiemouth (Scotland) and Helston (Cornwall). I took lifeguard qualifications at Gunwallow Beach in Cornwall and in Wroughton (Wiltshire) were I took a holiday job as a pool lifeguard. In 2021 I passed an RLSS Water Safety Management course here in The Highlands of Scotland. I swim in skins all year round in the lochs and rivers close to home but have also been known to dunk in the sea on the West Coast! I have no burning desire to be competitive but love to get involved and support those who are.
My working life was started as a beach and pool lifeguard and then working with horses in private yards. I then qualified as an orthopaedic nurse at the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre before moving on the work in an office for British Telecom. More recently I worked for a global consulting company, as a trainer in both soft skills and IT. Since retiring, in 2017, I have volunteered for several local charities as a director or trustee.
I discovered cold water swimming during 2020, during lockdown! I have little time now for anything else, other than gardening, knitting and sewing, as I enjoy my time splashing around in the chilly waters and being outdoors.
Happy Safe Swimming!


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