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Rebecca Kegler
United States
United States
United States
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United States
Gender: Female
Age: 70
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About Rebecca Kegler
My primary role is the development and administration of the Group Exercise/Fitness Program for a campus of 50,000+ students and 11,000+ faculty/staff at Michigan State University. Beginning with a staff of 5 leading 3 different exercise formats in one studio, the staff now numbers 60+ leading an array of different formats. Students as well as faculty/staff make up this service force and all ages serve as role models for an active lifestyle regardless of field of study or campus career. One studio has grown to four and the addition of 25+ weekly ‘Neighborhood’ classes throughout the residence hall system to the established 50+ classes in our studios provides healthy fitness options and stress management opportunities across our large campus where students live and staff work to support a future generation. Believing in ‘leading by example’ with certifications in Personal Training, Yoga, and Indoor Cycling, I still teach classes 3-4x per week, sharing knowledge and enthusiasm for exercise in leading a stronger, healthier, more active life. In addition to our Recreational Sports Department, I\'m also an Adjunct Instructor for the Kinesiology Dept in the College of Education, and have been an American Red Cross Instructor Trainer for 25+ years in CPR/First Aid, and am a \'former\' ARC Lifeguard (\'former\' as in \'once a lifeguard, always a lifeguard\').
Married to a wonderful guy named Jeff, we have two daughters, Melissa and Amanda. I enjoy gardening in the summer (a.k.a. battling the weeds in my flowers), and over the winter months work on fabric banners for our church. The family’s three cats supervise much of the work we do.
I inherited the collecting bug from my Mom and Dad as well as a Grandmother in Indiana. Even though I have learned to narrow down my interests, I can blame trivets for the start of it all!


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