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Ian Conroy
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About Ian Conroy
In 2014 I finished building our natural swimming pond, with all the family enjoying the chance to swim all yer round. We quickly found out that it was an ideal spot for cold water swimming, and the word got out. Soon afterwards we began hosted Irelands first 1k Ice Swimming Championships. These continued till 2020.

Between 2015-2020 we had 32 swimmer completed the Ice Millet Wild water, we coordinated safety, marshalling and observation of the swims with IISA Ireland. Every season we ran numerous acclimatisation swims, training and introduction sessions.

I am proud of the reputation that we have at Wild Water Armagh, seen a safe and controlled environment to attempt difficult and demanding swims. For the last few years I have been piloting swims on the North Channel, understanding the cold is of vital importance here, and is informed by my knowledge of ice swimming.

2023 Honour Contributor Ice Swimming Hall of Fame


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