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Alessandro Pilati
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About Alessandro Pilati
I am a long distance swimmer and a specialized trainer for open water swimming. I like being able to pass on my experience and being able to share it with other fans of this sport. One aspect I like about my passion as a coach is the belief that one sport can be positively contaminated by another.
Through swimming I can feel part of nature. Swimming in open water is the metaphor of life: you must be able to adapt to situations that are constantly changing.
I started swimming when I was 6 years old. From 11 to 25 years old I played water polo in the federal championship, with some participation in some swimming competition in the pool.
After a short period of MTB and triathlon I went back to swimming, falling in love with swimming in open water.
I am a swimming coach and specialized on long distances (from 15 km). In my experience as a coach I have been able to follow a water polo team for a few years.

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